CHIRAK Tour Operator. We are a company with over two decades of experience in the incoming tourism in Chile. Modern, dynamic and multidisciplinary.
Our mission is “To make every trip an unforgettable experience in Chile and reach the expectations for everyone”.
We advise all our clients from the knowledge of the destinations and the personal experience, offering “CHILE” in a combination of the main touristic destinations in Peru, Bolivia and Argentina.
We represent Gray Line in Chile. We serve passengers from all five continents, under the quality and professionalism of Gray Line World Wide.


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TOUR OPERATOR CHIRAK declares his support for the campain initiated a few years ago for various entities, like UNICEF or UNTWO, which haves among their objetives, take initiatives to safeguard the physical and moral integrity of human beings, especially minors.

Our company, specialized in the receptive tourism, declares its commitment with the prevention of the exploitation of the human being in all its forms, especially sexual, and in particular when it can affect minors. In view of the above, we would like to inform you the measures we have taken to support this campaign:

  • Do not promote the sexual tourism in any of it’s aspects, carefully designing our tourism products.
  • To adhere to the legal normatives in regard of the matters concerning the exploitation of human beings, specially minors; under on a level national and international.
  • Train our team in the prevention of exploitation of human beings.
  • Inform our suppliers our rejection of the exploitation of human beings, specially child prostitution.

Although we can not guarantee that this does not happen in those destinations where we operate, we invite you to join this project, in order to promote fair and sustainable tourism, while showing our support for the prevention of illegal practices.


Decalogue to prevent sex tourism with children and adolescents, commercial sexual exploitation of children and adolescents (CSEC) constitutes a serious violation of human rights, causing physical, mental, social and moral health damage. They are Children and Adolescents (NNA) all those persons under eighteen years of age. They are subjects of law, with their own opinion, progressive degrees of autonomy and must be protected from exploitation and abuse. Every tourist, national or foreign, must know that the violation of laws 19.617 (Sexual Offenses), 20.526 (Persons Traffic) and its amendments, imply criminal sanctions, under the following circumstances:

  • Use advertising that suggests the provision of sex tourism services with children under the age of eighteen.
  • Advise tourists about places where they can provide, coordinate or get sexual consumption services with children.
  • Induce or provide facilities to NNA to perform acts of sexual connotation with hotel passengers.
  • Facilitate the entry of children to the hotel accommodation areas, or visit the passengers when they can not prove consanguineous, even more, if they do not have documentation that proves their identity.

The hotel staff, in case of being before a crime, or be required by the passengers against an illegal potential must contact the PDI to the emergency number 134 and make the corresponding complaint.Administrators and hotel receptionists should bear in mind that the operators exploit the weaknesses that the tourism industry
The hotel staff, in case of being in front of a crime, or be required by the passengers against an illegal potential, must contact the PDI to the emergency number 134 and make the corresponding complaint. Administrators and hotel receptionists should know that the operators exploit the weaknesses that the tourism industry offers to violate the rights of NNA. The hotel industry, will refrain from offering, expressly or tacitly, plans or programs that include CSEC, taking measures to prevent their workers, dependents or intermediaries from committing a crime.
Hotel staff and tour operators should be informed about the legal consequences of CSEC in Chile, in order to provide timely information to the tourists. The PDI, Work Directorate, SENAME and Municipalities, are in Chile the authorities called to inspect, control and sanction the hotel and tourist services providers that do not comply with the current law. Hotel establishments, in order to protect, the children of all forms of exploitation and sexual violence, must promote within their enclosures, graphic materials to guide the passengers to ask for help, to warn and / or denounce.
If the Hotel computer area detects the sale, distribution, promotion and / or storage of child pornographic material, it must inform the administration and then report the facts to the PDI. For “Code of World Ethics for Tourism”, the exploitation of human beings, in any form, violates the fundamental objectives of tourism, since it generates negative effects on the life of children in their development. Adopting measures for avoiding the provision of tourist services where sexual contacts are included with those under 18 years of age, allows the strengthening of tourism and, consequently, the country image.